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So the sun sets on
Atlantic Spear & Scuba

It's not time for me to hang up my fins... Quite the contrary,  I plan on pushing much more water than I have over the past 13 years.  Owning a dive shop in New Jersey has taken it's toll on the smile that used to more frequently visit my face, and my hair is probably grayer than it should be.  It will not be diving that I will be giving up, it is the shop that has kept me dryer than I have ever been in my life for far too long. 
So if you are on a reef and you see a camera strobe fire, it might be me.  If you are on a wreck and the viz is low, but over you regulator noise you can hear the clinking of bottles and brass in a diver's goody bag, it might be me. If you are at the jetty and you hear the click of a trigger, and then all you see is a bit of stirred up bottom and a hole where a fish might of been, that might be me.  If you get back to the dock or the bar, and you hear an old man laughing and telling a story about a dive he had that morning, that will be me.
I'm not ever going to give up my life underwater, now I get to join you there.

Grab the gear while you can!!!





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A few things about our liquidation sale...

1. All sales will be CASH only.
          No shady dealings here. All applicable sales taxes will be paid and receipts given. I just ain't gonna give any more money to the credit card                    companies than I need too.

2. All sales are final as of 10/22/2019.
          Like stated above a receipt for all purchases will be given so all manufacturers warranties will be available.

3. If the price doesn't look low enough, wait a bit. It takes some time to get the sale prices down, but don't wait too long, you might miss your shot.

4. We are working to get our inventory balls on accurate.  No "Bait & Switch" here, so if we ain't got it, it's an honest mistake.

5. No discounts or coupons can be applied to any item after 10/22/2019.  The clearance price will be cheap enough.

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