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We have compiled a list of questions that we get asked on a regular basis.  Take a look at our list and odds are you will see your question below.

How long does it take to complete my SCUBA certification?

Why are the Open Water check-out dives not included in the price of the class?

How much does the personal equipment cost?

What type of equipment do I need to bring?

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

Can I use my own personal equipment for class?

How old do you need to be to get certified for SCUBA diving?

 Does my SCUBA certification expire?

 How do you communicate underwater?

Hey… I saw that piece of gear on the internet for a few bucks cheaper, why should I buy it if from you?

I get seasick, is SCUBA diving right for me?

Where will we complete our SCUBA certification check-out dives?

Where is the best place to get certified?

 Once I am a certified SCUBA diver, where can I go to dive?

 How much does a SCUBA diving class cost?

 Does the class have any additional fees or charges I need to be aware of?

Is the SCUBA rental gear included?

How do I get started?

 I think I have bad ears because when I dive to the bottom of a swimming pool they hurt, can I still SCUBA dive?

 Will asthma or high blood pressure keep me from SCUBA diving?

 What about sharks; am I going to be eaten like I see in the movies?

  The gear seems expensive; do I have to buy it all right away?

Can I dive if I wear contacts or glasses?

I don’t like to be cold, is diving right for me?


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