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Once I am a certified SCUBA diver, where can I go to dive?
When you get certified with an internationally recognized agency, you are certified to dive anywhere in the world, so long as the conditions in that location do not exceed the conditions you were trained in. Example, if you took your basic SCUBA diver course in Fiji, then tried to dive in the Great Lakes of the US, you might be in for a surprise. You will see that the conditions are not what you have experienced and therefore, they are outside of your personal dive limits. If you were SCUBA trained in an area like ours and then travel to a place like Florida or the Cayman Islands, you may see a different result. You might experience the opposite feeling when you dive the clear, warm waters of more tropical places, you may experience less stress because your training has prepared you for an environment that is more challenging than the tropics. The most important thing to remember that while technically you are certified to dive anywhere in the world, you only dive when you feel that you are properly trained for the conditions that you are entering. It doesn’t matter if it’s around the block or around the globe, only dive within your own personal limits.

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