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Double "A.S.S. Cash on all December purchases!!!

On January
1st 2017 we will be restarting our rewards program know as "A.S.S. Cash".
It will be a 5% return on all of your qualifying purchases in the for of store credit. On your store receipt you will see a coupon with the total earned with each transaction.
So to kick off or rewards program we are offering DOUBLE the amount of "A.S.S. Cash" rewards.
10% will be rewarded for all qualifying purchases for the month of December.
It is our Merry Christmas to our loyal customers and we hope to see you again in the new year.

This rewards program is for in-store transactions only.  Reward coupons will expire 90 days from the date earned. Must have coupon/sales receipt to be redeemed. Rewards can not be redeemed for Trips & Travel, Dive Training or Equipment Service.  Reward Points will only be issued on qualifying departments. Departments excluded are;
      Trips & Travel
      Compressor  (air/ntrox)
      Service & Repair
      Dive Training

How this will work in December;
Bob buys,
                 float line          25.00       Qualified
                 flag                  12.00       Qualified
                 boat trip        100.00      Non-qualified
                 Total              137.00      37 reward points earned
                                                         $3.00 A.S.S. reward coupon will be printed on his receipt.
Bob stops back 2 days later and buys,
                 Divesticker        3.00       Qualified
                 Total                  3.00       3 reward points earned, bringing his total to 40.
                                                         $1.00 A.S.S. reward coupon will be printed on his receipt.
Bob can then take $4.00 off his next qualified items, when he presents his earned reward coupons within 90 days.


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