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Pinta Trip 6/15/2019


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Please click here, all divers MUST review and agree to our LOCAL BOAT DIVING POLICY before making the purchase. Before you arrive at the boat, please print and complete our TRIP WAIVER and give it to the representative of Atlantic Spear & Scuba the morning of the dive.  Thank you very much, lets have a great time and as always, Dive Safe.
Type:  shipwreck, freighter, Netherlands

Name:  The Pinta was one of three sister ships named for Columbus' original three vessels, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Built:  1959, Denmark

Specs:  ( 194 x 31 ft ) 1000 gross tons, 12 crew

Sunk:  Wednesday May 8, 1963
collision with freighter City of Perth ( 7547 tons) - no casualties
Depth:  85 ft, starts at 55 ft
Shipwreck Pinta

compassHow two ships in the age of radar and on a clear day could collide on the open sea is a mystery. Nonetheless, we now have the Pinta as one of the best dive sites in New Jersey. This relatively small vessel lies on its port side on a clean sandy bottom. It is still quite recognizable as a ship, and is the perfect size for sightseeing - you can swim from end to end several times on a single tank of air. It also makes a good multi-level training dive.

The first time I saw the Pinta in 1995, the hull was still pretty much intact ( as illustrated below ), but it is now really beginning to decay. The bow is still in good shape, but the rest of the wreck is wrecked. Little of the top hull-side remains aft of the break amidships. The stern is exploded, and I believe the engine room is now open.

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