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Great Isaac Trip 8/25/2019


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Please click here, all divers MUST review and agree to our LOCAL BOAT DIVING POLICY before making the purchase. Before you arrive at the boat, please print and complete our TRIP WAIVER and give it to the representative of Atlantic Spear & Scuba the morning of the dive.  Thank you very much, lets have a great time and as always, Dive Safe.

Type:  shipwreck, tugboat, U.S. War Shipping Administration (Navy)

Name:  All the ships of this class were named for lighthouses in the U.S., except for the Great Isaac, which is in the Bahamas.

Built:  1944, Boston MA USA

Specs:  ( 185 x 37 ft ) 1117 gross tons, 27 crew

Sunk:  Wednesday April 16, 1947
collision with Norwegian freighter Bandeirante - no casualties

Depth:  90 ft


The Great Isaac was a very large V-4 class tugboat, but not large enough to survive being gashed six feet deep in the engine room. The wreck now lies intact on its port side, buried to the mid-line. It is one of the premier wrecks of southern New Jersey. Both the "Offshore Tug" and the "Inshore Tug" probably derive their names from their proximity to the Great Isaac, and may not be tugboats at all.

Shipwreck Great Isaac

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