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Gulf Trade Trip 7/21/2019


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Type:  shipwreck, tanker, USA ( Gulf Oil )

Name:  One of a series of ships owned by Gulf Oil company, all named "Gulf ____"

Built:  1920, Chester PA USA

Specs:  ( 430 x 59 ft ) 6776 gross tons, 34 crew

Sunk:  Tuesday March 10, 1942
torpedoed by U-588 - 18 casualties

Depth:  bow - 60 ft ; stern - 90 ft
Shipwreck Gulf Trade New York Times


compassThe Gulf Trade broke in half behind the bridge after being torpedoed, not uncommon for an oil tanker. Many of the crew died in the ensuing inferno, and the escorting Coast Guard cutter was almost torpedoed while attempting their rescue. The bow grounded on the spot, and has since been reduced to rubble, but the stern drifted almost ten miles to deeper water, and is more intact.

shipwreck Gulf Trade
An old photo shows this vessel's correct name to be " Gulf Trade " - two words rather than one. However, it is more commonly known as the " Gulftrade" ( or sometimes as the " Gulftrader". ) It's not very clear here, but it is quite legible in the original photo.

The stern is a very big wreck that rises 20 ft off the bottom in places, although most of the wreckage is lower and jumbled. Cavernous spaces in the big part of the wreck are easily penetrated. The wreck is easily navigated since it is contiguous with well-defined edges. It is festooned with monofilament and old wire lobster pots, so many that I think someday when the wreck is gone, you will still be able to dive the pile of traps.

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