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In 2011, the Crew at Atlantic Spear & Scuba got together and thought it would be a great idea to have a local spear fishing tournament.  Nothing big, just a tournament to get people involved and have a little friendly competition.  Always with the intention of giving the money raised to charity, we donated all of the proceeds to Clean Ocean Action. Then one day I heard of a local family that needed some help.  For the sake of their privacy I won't go into detail, but the couple's only daughter was stricken with a brain tumor.  My first thought was "What can we do?". So we kicked the tournament up a few notches and with help from our friends at Point Lobster Company, it became what it is today...

I started asking some local business owners if they would donate to the tournament. I would put their logo on our tournament t-shirt and all of the money collected would go to the family of this little girl.  I don't think anyone said no. Then I spoke with John from Point Lobster Company.  When I asked him about the   t-shirt and told him where the money was going, he wanted to do more.  Then Shannon, John's fiance at the time, overheard what I was asking she jumped at the idea went into overdrive. She and John exploded with ideas of how we could raise some funds for the cause.

To date we have raised more than 25,000 dollars that all went to families in our area that needed the help of a community that cares.  Without Shannon, our tournament sponsors and you, this could never have been accomplished.

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