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Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing that has been used throughout the world for millennia and yes, we do it in New Jersey.

 The crew at Atlantic Spear & Scuba has decades of spearfishing experience using both SCUBA and Breath-Hold techniques.  With our knowledge and passion for this sport, we know we can help you achieve your underwater goals.  So if you are a newcomer who has never pulled the trigger on a fish, or you are a veteran with webbed feet, we can help you step up your game.  

Look below and you will notice some links that will help keep you off the game wardens radar.  All the same rules and limits that apply to anglers apply to spearos in the state of NJ.  Don’t even think about jumping in without a dive float and flag, you will draw the attention of the Game Warden, State Police, local police and even the Coast Guard.  Be safe-be seen!  If you have any questions we invite you to come by the shop and ask, that’s just one of the reasons we are here.

Spearfishing is highly selective, with almost zero by-catch. We shouldn’t use crabs and small fish for target practice.  If you want to practice your shot, fill a soda can with some sand and stand it up on the bottom. Hit that a few times from different distances and different angles and you will gain accuracy while letting the small creatures live.  If we are not careful, we run the risk of having the rules for spear be different than that of an angler and it will not be in our favor.  With education and proper regulations, spearfishing can be an ecologically sustainable form of fishing.

So stop in and see us and let us help you get wet.

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