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In the Dive Training Community... No job can start
until the paperwork is done!

So here are some links to the forms you might need.

NAUI Standard Waiver

SDI Standard Waiver

NAUI Medical Release W/ Dr. Approval

SDI Medical Release W/ Dr. Approval


Take the first step towards a fun and exciting sport that will bring you a lifetime of adventure and exploration. The dates listed are class orientation sessions. During this session a full class schedule will be determined that meets the needs of all participating students. 3 Classroom sessions and 3 pool sessions will be required. We usually meet twice a week for 3 weeks to meet the requirements.

Cost: $ 375.00
Dive required to complete your SCUBA Certification. Two session for a total of at least 4 dives will be required to complete the Basic SCUBA Diver certification class. Price listed in "Per Session".

Cost: $ 100.00
Stay a little longer when you breathe NITROX.

Cost: $ 125.00
Do more, go deeper as an Advanced Diver

Cost: $ 299.99

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