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What about sharks; am I going to be eaten like I see in the movies?
Sharks are beautiful and intelligent creatures, they are nothing like the vicious, mindless and sometimes seemingly spiteful animals you see in the movies and on television during so called “Shark Week”. We have dove with sharks, alligators, large snapping turtles and many other creatures that might be considered dangerous. These animals, like all marine life are to be respected and not taken lightly, but most predators in the wild are looking for an easy meal and usually one they are familiar with. We do not seem like that too many of these animals. We are loud and clunky, blowing bubbles and we cut a larger profile in the water due to the size and shape we are with all that gear on. We don’t like something that is on their menu. If you ever dive in a new area with unfamiliar marine life, check with a local shop. The local shop owners and staff will be able to let you know exactly what you will need to watch out for.

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