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What type of equipment do I need to bring?

Starting in 2019, all you need to bring is a bathing suit, a sense of adventure and a desire to learn.  We will provide the personal equipment for the pool and Open Water sessions.  You do not need to provide your own mask, snorkel, fins and boots with Atlantic Spear & Scuba.  We want to remove as many road blocks as we can and help people learn to dive.  We highly recommend our students, at a minimum, purchase their own personal equipment during the class but it will not be required.  We offer our students 10% off our low prices to help them get their gear during the duration of the class. That way students, if they choose, can purchase gear when they are ready and are making educated decisions without pressure.  When you successfully complete your pool and academic training, you will move on to the Open Water check-out dives.   For those dives, we will require gloves and a dive knife or cutting device.  Also, a diving hood is highly recommended.  Your 10% student discount will still be offered to you.

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